We have entered the age of speed, and that is why all marketing companies must keep pace with progress, like what smdk solutions does to satisfy their customers and provide them with the best updates in the marketing field. One of the rapidly developing things is printing. We cannot deny that printing has different techniques and each one is suitable for different marketing needs, and this helps you to highlight your product or service attractively and innovatively. Let’s talk about the different techniques used in different printing types and how do they differ from each other.

What Are The Most Common Printing Techniques?

Offset Lithographic Printing

This technique is used on rough things such as wood, cloth, and canvas. It has multiple uses as it can also be used for books, paper, stationery, and aluminum plates. The aim of it is to highlight the content in an attractive way.

It consistently provides high0quality images, whether the printing format is large or small. You can also print on any flat surface, regardless if it’s on paper or fabric.


We use this modern technology in labels, wallpapers and gift wraps. It is about printing letterpress on uneven surfaces using semi-liquid inks that dry quickly.

Flexography is considered the common choice for its high press speeds, and its ability to print on a huge range of things including plastic, cellophane, and metallic film.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a new method that covers different kinds of techniques such as inkjet printing and laser. As a professional advertising company, we send the image to the printer and use digital files such as PDFs. We can say goodbye to the printing plate. We love this one because digital printing has its magic for a quick turnaround and allows you to print according to your business needs.

We recommend you to choose the right digital printing for the right job, and this would cost you less with high-quality prints. Don’t worry, we have a qualified team who is fully ready to help you.

Screen Printing

It is done by using a material or a fine network to transfer an image onto another material. For printing graphics on clothes and other pieces of fabric or screen printing for paper and metal to better show your product or service.

3D Printing

This technology was a quantum leap in the eighties to allow 3D printing of objects, and it had an effective impact on the audience. It works with digital model data from 3D models or electronic sources such as an AMF file. Then, the compound mixtures are fused to produce the 3D object.

3D printers did not stop here but continued to develop day by day. For example, today, internal moving parts can be printed by using a computer program such as CAD. Did we tell you that we are masters in this technology? Trust us. we can help you a lot!


Usually, we use it to print newsletters, posters, flyers, magazines, catalogs, brochures, flyers and stationary. The importance of UV LED printing as a popular method is for two reasons: high-quality prints and speed delivery.

The drying process is unique. You don’t have to wait for the ink to dry, which saves time and effort, and the colors look neat and vivid. This kind of printing can turn an ordinary product into a luxury and innovative product.

Printing Techniques: To Sum It All Up

Finally, the most important thing is to remember that any business needs catchy ads that attract the largest number of the target audience. Without using this tool, the existence of the company simply will not be known to anyone. Print advertising is one of the most accessible and effective ways to tell about yourself.

smdk solutions offers a variety of innovative printing types that satisfy the customer with reasonable prices because we believe that it is one of the most popular methods of communication between the producer and the consumer. Therefore, we advise you not to underestimate it and contact us, a leading printing company in TURKEY, to work with you on developing your business.

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