Terms & Conditions

Client Obligation

Our clients are responsible for supplying all the documents, images, authority domain, text, brand logo, and other content required for completing the project. Unless the agreement requires our designers to do all the above, all is required is the client’s business’s information and vision if needed. Other requests that are added after the initial agreement will be charged extra on a per-hour basis.
For services like branding, the client must provide a full document or guidebook containing the dos and don’ts of the brand, a detailed description of the brand, and other information relating to the client’s brand.

Our Obligation

We will be providing the design and development of your website upon the requirements agreed on, whether it’s website design, mobile-friendly development, SEO implementation or optimization, social media marketing, videography, and other projects related to our services. We will provide a clear & simple design for your website, easy navigation, requested design, and everything else upon request to the highest standard and quality.

Quality & Authenticity

Our team of designers is obligated to do everything in their power to provide extraordinary content and designs. We strive to bring you, our client, the best outcome for your website and digital marketing needs. Everything we do comes from our constant brainstorming hours, analyzing the market, and organizing plans to implement for your business. This is done because your success is also ours. Everything we do is reflected through our portfolio in the end. Our team will perform the given project professionally that best complies with you as the client.

Duration, Revision & Maintenance

The duration of the project depends on the required services the client chooses. If the client wants the full package or just a few of our services, each request’s duration varies accordingly. After the agreement and signing of the contract, we start implementing and working on the project. Revision isn’t charged extra for adjusting bugs or crashes in the website; however, the client is obligated to provide feedback from time to time as requested. Any delays by the Client while providing feedback will be added to the estimated delivery date. After successfully delivering the client with the final project result, we guarantee for a period of months where any technical changes relating to usability issues, bugs, and minor database changes (still within the original scope of work agreed to) will be provided to the Client without additional charge.

Additional Fees & Other Financial Issues

– Any modification, extra services, and additional work requested by the client to the design will be recognized for additional fees charged on an hourly basis.

– Any adjustments to the text submitted by the client (if the agreement was for the client to provide the text) will be subjected to additional fees charged on an hourly basis.

– An optional Annual Maintenance Contract will be available for the Client with extra charges decided by smdksolutions and the Client

– If the client fails to deliver the feedback within 30 days without explanation, then we cancel this contract and claim outstanding payment for the work carried out in full.

If payment is late, we remove the website from public view until such time that payment is received in full.

Project Delivery Policy

After completion of the project agreed on, we will hand over the final result to the client with all source codes, passwords, or any other element of the project to the Client that is required to independently operate the website without the support of the developer – on the basis that all fees and payments have been made in full.

Terms of Payment

50% upon Approval of Quotation. 50% upon or During Deployment.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Statement

smdksolutions is committed and highly aware of how delicate our clients’ personal information is. We keep your information confidential and safe while we use only the essential information to achieve your requirements. We do not share your information for any reason or with anyone outside of smdksolutions without your agreement.


smdksolutions is prohibited from sharing your personal information, and we agree on keeping them confidential. Our business relationship is based on confidentiality between our team of developers and clients’. Everything concerning our clients’ business affairs, customers, vendors, finances, operation methods, computer programs, documentation, properties, and other related documentation and information is safe with us. Our clients don’t have to worry about any of their information leakings or being distributed verbally or in writing to anyone outside of the company boundaries. All such information concerning the Client is hereinafter collectively referred to as “Confidential Information.”


Our terms and agreements with our clients prohibit us from disclosing any of the projects worked on or information given after or during the period of the project being worked on unless the client agrees on disclosure. Our developers are aware of the consequences and the confidentiality of our clients’ information and documents. Even after termination of the agreement with the client, all documents, papers, and other matters in our possession or control related to the Client will be turned over to their possession.

Access and Grant

Our team is fully aware of how delicate clients’ information is. We do not share, sell, transfer, publish, disclose or otherwise make the work product available to third parties without the Clients prior written consent. This information will be exclusively for the client and no one else. Any rights granted to the Client under this Agreement shall not affect the developer’s exclusive ownership of the work copyright.

Authenticity & Indemnity

Anything or any material provided to the client from our smdksolutions team is the property right protected and will only be disclosed to the client. Our clients will also be protected and fully indemnify them harmless against all loss or liability arising from any third-party intellectual property rights claims arising both from such existing material and concerning any such bespoke work.